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We LOVE our leaf identification booklets we made from printouts off of the Nature’s Detectives website.

We used these ones, cut them out, laminated the, punched holes, and then put a keyring through it.  And there you have an awesome little leaf identification booklet to take with you everywhere!  I keep ours in our ‘going out’ backpack so it’s always there if we need it.

We also have one for seed identification, you can use this one and do the same as with the leaf booklet.

Today A found some elderberries herself by picking off a leaf from the tree, matching it to the booklet, and then telling me what she found!  More blackberry and elderberry crumble coming!

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Gnome Homes

We started making these gnome homes in the winter when there wasn’t much reason to go outside in the cold.  We preferred staying inside and being hermits, so I thought this would give us a good reason to go out.

Once in a while we go visit them and fix up their little homes from the damage done by the weather.  This time, we made them beds of moss and little canopies of ivy.

We bring them little treasures, too.  Sometimes we bring them treasures of glass marbles. This time we brought wooden beads.  Usually the gnomes are little sticks because we don’t want to leave our real gnomes outside.  Sometimes we bring the real ones out for a visit.  You can see them having a rest here on the little moss bed, in the shade of the ivy leaf canopies.

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I found this idea on Chasing Cheerios but tweaked it a bit.  It was too easy for A so I turned it into a secret number-writing-practice activity disguised as beadwork.  First I had her  put beads on each pipe cleaner, starting with one and going up to 9.  Then she wrote the numbers one through 9 on little slips of paper.

After that, she did some addition practice.

Fun!  Then she wanted to take the beads off and pack it away for another time.

Here’s something else we did. The other day I saw an idea somewhere to put sticks, pine cones, and whatever else, with some string hanging out, with water in a tupperware, and then put it in the freezer.  So we gathered some pinecones, pieces of wreaths, sticks, ivy, etc (from what we could find on the balcony because it was too cold to really go out!), put it in a tupperware of water and left some jute string hanging out the end.  We put it in the freezer till the next day.  Here it is before we froze it:

And here it is frozen and hanging on our balcony!

We’re using it to tell the temperature.  If it’s not dripping, it’s still freezing cold out, if it’s dripping, it’s warming up!

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