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This is a fun way to practice and review letter sounds.

I got this idea from a book we have called ‘Entertaining and Educating Young Children’ by Usborne.  Get an empty cereal box and cut a long hole in the front.  I used a pocket knife, and it came out crooked, but it didn’t matter.

The book says to use letters written on paper but I used our foam bath letters to save time, since they’re already there.  You put the pile of letters, (or only about 5 of them so it’s easier for the child to find them) in front the child.  The letters we used are from Mothercare, and are the lower case ones.

You simply say something like, ‘Find the ‘mmmm’ to send to the monkey!’  And the child finds it and posts it in the ‘post box.’  I also threw in the name of the letter for added review, ‘See if you can find the ‘g’ gggggg, to send to the gorilla!’  She loved this, and kept wanting to do more when we finished all the letters, so then we did the numbers.  ‘Send the 4 to the cat!’


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