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Here are some Etsy shops I just totally love, and like to spend time just looking at the beautiful things they make!

German Dolls

Pocket Dolls, set of 6 germandolls, waldorf toy

I have loved the dolls made by Ulla Seckler at GermanDolls for a couple years now.  Sometimes when we’re bored, my daughter and I sit and just look at all the dolls in her shop!  I especially love the pocket dolls!

She also does larger dolls:

14 15 inch Waldorf doll clothes, Bunny Pocket Dress and Miniature Doll

Another favorite shop of mine is Alkelda Dolls .  Ok, so I like dolls!
Check out this totally cute little baby sleeping in its bed!

Flower Box Baby Doll in Pale Pink- Waldorf inspired

And how beautiful are these little houses by Willodel

Spring Cottage Gnome Home made of Felt

They have loads more beautiful little houses, and how about this little gnome home?

Eco Gnome Home and Play Set

Beautiful stuff!  What do you like best?


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Gnome Homes

We started making these gnome homes in the winter when there wasn’t much reason to go outside in the cold.  We preferred staying inside and being hermits, so I thought this would give us a good reason to go out.

Once in a while we go visit them and fix up their little homes from the damage done by the weather.  This time, we made them beds of moss and little canopies of ivy.

We bring them little treasures, too.  Sometimes we bring them treasures of glass marbles. This time we brought wooden beads.  Usually the gnomes are little sticks because we don’t want to leave our real gnomes outside.  Sometimes we bring the real ones out for a visit.  You can see them having a rest here on the little moss bed, in the shade of the ivy leaf canopies.

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