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We play simple games like this to help our 2 year old with reading.  She loves these games, and they last only a couple minutes, so she never gets bored or feels like it’s ‘learning’!

We usually have a pile of animals or something, and the word cards.  I’ll tell her what one says and show it to her, and ask her to match the animal to it.  After we’ve done that, if she still wants to do more, I spread out the word cards and get her to match them, helping her if she doesn’t remember what they say.  It’s mostly just to get her to look at the cards and be told what they say, in a fun way!  The trick is to stop before the child is bored, so they always want to do it and don’t associate it with boredom.


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No, I couldn’t think of a more interesting sounding title!  Fried brain.  I adapted this from an idea I found in a book we have for activities for kids.

A couple of the lines are patterns that repeat, and others are just all different symbols to practice.  Plus she was having trouble doing the number 8 earlier, so I put that in as well.  A couple of them are cursive letters and shapes, just to see how she would do with it and give her a secret introducti0n to it!

And practice drawing stars!

She thought it was all very fun, and we stopped before she got bored, as Glenn Doman says to do!

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A fun, easy to set up, cheap developmental activity with so many variations.

I think we got this idea from the Glenn Doman book How To Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb, but it was a couple years ago so maybe my Doman friends can confirm!  This is a 2 x 4.  I think it cost about £6 in B&Q (local hardware store).

Here are the different ways you can use it:

1.  Flat on the floor for an easy trip down the beam

2.  Put a block of wood under each end to raise it a bit

3.  Put a stack of wood to raise it more, like in these photos.

4.  Have a block of wood in the middle, for what we call ‘tippy balance beam’ and you can even use that one as a seesaw!

5.  And for the very brave, you can raise it up high with chairs on either end!

We got it for A when she was 2, and I started trying E on it when she could walk.

I think tomorrow we’ll do the seesaw!


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