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This is great for writing practice, math, and learning about flowers at the same time!  Staple together some paper, and have your child write a title on the front.

Then on each page, make a space for the name of the flower, the date, the height of the flower (bring a tape measure with you outside), and where it was found.  Have your child draw a picture of the flower below the info.


On a yummy food note, I edited my recipe for my Sugar Free Granola Bars by doubling the amounts because you get a more normal amount that way.  AND today I did a little variation on it, only using part of the mixture as a test.  I put peanut butter in it and oh my goodness it’s awesome!  Next time, I’ll do the whole recipe with peanut butter added, and figure out what the measurements should be.  I can post it on here when I have it perfected.


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No, I couldn’t think of a more interesting sounding title!  Fried brain.  I adapted this from an idea I found in a book we have for activities for kids.

A couple of the lines are patterns that repeat, and others are just all different symbols to practice.  Plus she was having trouble doing the number 8 earlier, so I put that in as well.  A couple of them are cursive letters and shapes, just to see how she would do with it and give her a secret introducti0n to it!

And practice drawing stars!

She thought it was all very fun, and we stopped before she got bored, as Glenn Doman says to do!

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I made these for A when she was 2, and now have started getting them out for E.

It’s the Kumon book My First Book of Tracing, but it’s not about tracing, the name is just weird.  It’s more like mazes.

It starts off easy and gets more difficult as you go through the book.  What I did is cut out about 8 of the pages with a Stanley/Exacto knife that were roughly the same level of difficulty.  Then I put them in plastic sleeves and taped the top (or else marker gets on the pages and they also can fall out).  Then I laced them together with string through the holes.

I also made some of my own pages, like the zigzags above, to extend certain skill pages that A needed more practice on than just one page.

I gave her a washable marker to use on the plastic pages, and it’s reusable and lasts forever, instead of using up the pages of the Kumon book, or very tediously erasing them (which I started out doing, and my arm got so tired and it took forever and was annoying!)

Wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth.  Have a dry one handy as well, to dry it after wiping.

These books are awesome for learning pen control.  They start kids out learning movements and shapes that are used in writing letters.  They’re so bright and colorful and the activities and mazes are fun for little kids.  I made a bunch of these mini workbooks, with each one getting a little more difficult.  So once a book became too easy, we jsut stopped using it and started using the next one.

Making the reusable ones takes a bit of time, but is so worth it, mainly because you can reuse them, don’t have to erase, and you have smaller books of one level of difficulty rather than you kid whizzing through the pages and just scribbling because it’s getting too hard!

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