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We all made some super cool wooden lacing beads.  I cut them out and the girls painted them with watercolours in the colours of the rainbow.

And they both had turns lacing them onto some red cotton cord.  Great for fine motor skills, sort of Montessori like.

I’m hopefully going to have similar ones for sale in my Etsy shop.  I don’t think I like how it looks with both maple and oak beads…I like how the maple took the colour better, so I think I’ll make just maple ones to sell in the coloured set.   I think I’ll offer a natural wood unpainted set, and mix the woods in that one.

We love these!  So natural and tactile!


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We drew little dots with white crayon and painted over the whole page with blue watercolours to make a starry sky.

And A did the little dipper!

If you look closely you can see the bottom stars.  Next time we should make sure the dots are crayoned in enough.

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The girls had fun painting my off cuts of wood with watercolours.

I put some yellow watercolour paint on a large-ish white tile for the little one to use.  She painted some off cuts, a couple of which were good enough to add to their block collection.  Then she wanted red, and that got mixed into the yellow eventually and she noticed it turned orange!

I had this really cool piece leftover from a butterfly I cut out (for a new egg/leaf/caterpillar/cocoon/butterfly set I’m making for my shop!).  I had to slice off a side of it to get rid of the roughness, and the slice ended up as a thin, wooden butterfly that I thought A would love to paint.

I love how the colours all ran into each other and made a rainbow butterfly.  It would be neat to make more of these to paint, but I’m not sure, because I have to get my fingers a lot closer to the blade than you’re supposed to!  I might try and figure out a safer way to do it!


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I saw this beautiful idea on the tiny twist creative blog for a drawing book for A.

First we wet the watecolour paper and A painted it in rainbow colors, and it dried overnight.  Today I got about 10 sheets of printer paper cut the edges off so it would fit inside the cover when folded, wrapped a piece of yarn around it and then sewed along the inside. Voila!  A beautiful drawing book for A, with a cover she painted herself!

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A finished her watercolor bookmark.  We glued the front and back together, punched a hole near the top, and tied on the cotton cord that she had strung beads on.  I think it looks beautiful and we should make them as gifts for grandparents!

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We finished our wet on wet-winter sky-castle pictures today! Here is A drawing her castle:

And here is her finished painting:

Then we started making watercolour bookmarks.  A painted them today, and tomorrow we need to glue them together and attach the string with rainbow beads to the end somehow.  I love how her colours blended together.

And finally, we thought it would be fun to paint some cotton cord rainbow colors!  Maybe we can bead some wooden beads on for a bracelet.

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I got this idea for a wet on wet painting from a book we got from the library called Usborne Activities For All Year Round.  It’s of a stormy winter sky with a castle.

First I mixed up the colours required.  We wet the paper in a baking tray of water, put them on the painting boards and wiped them with a cloth to make them stick down on the board.


Here is A’s sky and background.  It has to dry, and tomorrow we can paint our castles on!


Next, we did and abstract drawing exercise from our book Drawing With Children by Mona Brookes.  It gives directions like, ‘draw 3 straight lines starting from one edge of the paper and finishing at another,’ and ‘draw 3 dots,’ which are colored in circles of different shapes and sizes including ellipses and ovals.  Here is A’s abstract drawing after following the directions I read out:Image

This book is great.  In the next couple days we plan to learn to draw carousel horses!

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