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My brother sent us a pack of 12 sponges from Trader Joe’s for the girls to play with.  They were all dried and pressed really thin.  First they had fun building towers with them, but I didn’t get a photo of that.

Then we dropped them into a tub of water and watched them grow!

Afterwards, I put them on the radiator to dry and gave E some tongs to take them off and put in a pot, and back on the radiator again.

Who knew sponges could be so fun?  Well, I didn’t, anyway!


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Ah, the sound of marbles on metal and glass.  I love it!

And some more pouring

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We’ve been collecting lavender to dry out and use to make A’s birthday cupcakes.  The girls enjoyed picking off all the little lavender flowers and putting them in jars.


And some pouring!

    We spent about an hour or more doing this, and it smelled so wonderful!  I’ll try and remember to post the recipe to the cupcakes and maybe photos when I make them!  I hope our lavender is drying out nicely!

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I showed A how to screw a screw into a piece of wood with a screwdriver.  She had fun!

Next I want to try hammering a nail with a little hammer we have.


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We all made some super cool wooden lacing beads.  I cut them out and the girls painted them with watercolours in the colours of the rainbow.

And they both had turns lacing them onto some red cotton cord.  Great for fine motor skills, sort of Montessori like.

I’m hopefully going to have similar ones for sale in my Etsy shop.  I don’t think I like how it looks with both maple and oak beads…I like how the maple took the colour better, so I think I’ll make just maple ones to sell in the coloured set.   I think I’ll offer a natural wood unpainted set, and mix the woods in that one.

We love these!  So natural and tactile!

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I saw this idea on this website, for some cute little fingerprint chicks!

Have your child dip her/his thumb in yellow paint and make thumbprints all over the paper.  Then with a crayon or maker, the child can make little legs, an eye, and an orange beak on them.  My 2 year old made some really great ones, and then decided she wanted to dip her thumb in more paint and make the chicks bigger (and less neat looking!).  Then she started making handprints.  So, while I think this is very cute, it doesn’t show how cute the little chicks come out at first!  She had fun though!

Then I gave her some wooden beads (size 10mm I think) and a pipecleaner with the end folded over to get rid of the pointy bit.  She had a great time threading beads on the pipe cleaner, and it was a good fine motor skills activity.

Until she was done and decided to throw a whole ton of the tiny 4mm beads all over the floor.  Well, at least she enjoyed herself, but next time I will only give her a small amount of beads and keep the jar hidden away!

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This was for my 4 year old.  I saw this somewhere as a Montessori activity, but it’s also just interesting for a kid to see how things work and how to put things back together.  It’s really self explanatory, just give them a flashlight, help unscrew it, and let them take the battery out, and then put it back together!

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