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This is great for writing practice, math, and learning about flowers at the same time!  Staple together some paper, and have your child write a title on the front.

Then on each page, make a space for the name of the flower, the date, the height of the flower (bring a tape measure with you outside), and where it was found.  Have your child draw a picture of the flower below the info.


On a yummy food note, I edited my recipe for my Sugar Free Granola Bars by doubling the amounts because you get a more normal amount that way.  AND today I did a little variation on it, only using part of the mixture as a test.  I put peanut butter in it and oh my goodness it’s awesome!  Next time, I’ll do the whole recipe with peanut butter added, and figure out what the measurements should be.  I can post it on here when I have it perfected.


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I dumped out the spare change jar and gave A some 10p coins to review counting by 10s, then 5p’s to count by 5’s, then 2ps to count by 2’s.

Little E liked lining them up.

Then I thought it would be fun to see if the coins were magnetic, with our super cool new Geomag, which everyone needs to have!  It was so cool!  SOME of them are magnetic and some aren’t!  So I had to google it.  I found this website.   Turns out, in 1992, they started using copper plated steel to make pennies, so since then, they’ve been magnetic!  (Click on ‘History of the Penny at the end for more cool info.) It was fun to sort through and see which stuck to our Geomag and make cool sculptures.

E picking them up with a long stick of Geomag

Seriously, I love magnets!

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I just loooove natural materials.  Some glass beads I ordered arrived for some necklaces I’m making for my Etsy shop, and I let the girls play with them first for a while.  We put them out on a white playsilk, and I got A to use them to count by 2’s

And 5’s

And then we built towers with them

and made some grass and sky for the little chick

I spent about £5 on Ebay from Panache Beads (I’m telling you because it took me forEVER to find the right beads, I wanted round and clear glass) and got green and purple round 8mm, blue cubes in 10mm, about 40 or 50 of each I think.  I need to try and remember these as something for the to play with, and take them out again, instead of just thinking, ‘these are my beads for necklaces’ because they were so nice and tactile to play with.

On another note, we did a cool science experiment from a book about volcanoes.  It shows you how the liquid magma in the earth rises when it gets hotter and then falls as it cools.  Well, I don’t know if I noticed it fell in this experiment but it did rise.

Fill a small bottle with boiling water and lots of food colouring.  Put it carefully into a bowl of cold water, totally submersed under water.  Then watch as the hot coloured water comes rising out of the bottle and disperses through the cold water!  So cool!


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I’ve never played dominoes.  We have some that we use to just play creatively with, or set up to knock down, but today we learned how to play a real domino game!

The game is called Draw Dominoes, and here are the rules I found on the Family Games Treasure House website.

1. Place tiles face down in the centre of the table mixed up.  For two players, take seven tiles each, while 3-4 players have five tiles each. The remaining tiles are moved to the side of the table (still face down) so they are out of the way of all players, and are called the Boneyard. Keep your tiles secret.

2. If one player has the double six, they place it face up in the centre of the table to start the layout. Otherwise, the player with the highest double tile puts it in the middle. If no player has a double tile (which is unlikely) the tile with the most spots is used to start the layout.

3. The next player on the left puts a tile which matches (on one end) the centre tile and so on around the table. Tiles can be added to either end of the layout, but only one tile is added per turn. If a player is unable to play a tile, they must pick up one or more tiles from the Boneyard, until they are able to add a tile to the layout, or until there are only two tiles left in the Boneyard. When there are only two tiles left, they remain ‘hidden’ in the Boneyard and players must then miss a turn if they are unable to play a matching tile to either end of the layout.

4. Play continues until one player has placed all their tiles in the centre. That player then scores all the spots on the remaining players’ tiles. If no player can put all their tiles in the layout, the game is a draw and each player scores ten points.

5. The overall winner of Draw Dominoes is the first player to reach 200 points or more.


And then we played Old Maid!  A must have!



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Today we talked about ordinal numbers. We read the Hungry Caterpillar book, then did some ordering and sequencing with some pictures I had made a couple months ago.  After that, we used the ordinal numbers to label the order each event happened in the book.

Then A practiced writing them, in any order she wanted!  That didn’t matter, because this part was about the writing practice and learning how ordinal numbers are written.    It seemed so easy for her, but tomorrow I’ll see if she remembers them all in order!

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Just to be Valentinesy, I gave A some pink wooden beads in cup and she put 2 in each little heart shape in the silicone mold.  Then we practiced counting by 2’s, and after a few times, she was really getting the idea of it.

We only did it about 4 times and then stopped because I didn’t want her to get bored.  I like to think of fun activities where I can sneak some math in!  Then she filled some of the hearts up with a dropper and some water colored red with food coloring, and put lots of other stuff in the heart holes.

I saw this next idea for tiny fairy books on  Wee Folk Art.  We made them to be little dollhouse catalogues, and made them from tiny pictures in our Myriad catalogue.

You cut 3 pieces out and hand sew them together down the middle to bind it.   I won’t repeat the instructions because you can just see the really great ones at Wee Folk Art.  It was quick and easy!

A asked me this morning if I made her a Valentine’s present. ‘Ummm, I don’t think so??’ was my reply, and I felt bad and went straight to work on some little oak hearts for them.  About a half hour later they were all ready, and even wrapped at A’s request!  Phew!

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I made some dice so A and I could play some dice games to secretly practice some math, and have some fun! We’ve been playing a game called Fifty.  It’s good for practicing counting by 5’s, tallying points, recognizing number amounts on the dice, taking turns, and winning and losing!  You get five points if you get doubles of 1’s, 2’s, 4’s or 5’s.  Twenty five points if  you get double 6’s, and if you get double 3’s  your score goes down to zero.  The first person to reach fifty points wins.


E did a number matching activity to keep her practicing with numbers so she doesn’t forget them!  They’re just slips of paper with numbers written on them, 2 of each so she can match them.

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