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Here are some Etsy shops I just totally love, and like to spend time just looking at the beautiful things they make!

German Dolls

Pocket Dolls, set of 6 germandolls, waldorf toy

I have loved the dolls made by Ulla Seckler at GermanDolls for a couple years now.  Sometimes when we’re bored, my daughter and I sit and just look at all the dolls in her shop!  I especially love the pocket dolls!

She also does larger dolls:

14 15 inch Waldorf doll clothes, Bunny Pocket Dress and Miniature Doll

Another favorite shop of mine is Alkelda Dolls .  Ok, so I like dolls!
Check out this totally cute little baby sleeping in its bed!

Flower Box Baby Doll in Pale Pink- Waldorf inspired

And how beautiful are these little houses by Willodel

Spring Cottage Gnome Home made of Felt

They have loads more beautiful little houses, and how about this little gnome home?

Eco Gnome Home and Play Set

Beautiful stuff!  What do you like best?


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Paper Houses

I cut out 2 of the same of a shape of a house, cut a door and window that open in one of them, and then glued them together.

The girls had great fun drawing inside the windows and doors and coloring their houses!

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The obligatory phone box photo

Fun with magnets at the Science Museum

And I just had to get my photo taken with this London plane tree in Hyde Park.  I love trees.

It was a great day, we walked miles and miles, and by the end, I thought my legs were going to fall off!  But it was so hot I didn’t want to take the Underground!  It’s so nice being above ground, and you can see everything along the way!

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This is great for writing practice, math, and learning about flowers at the same time!  Staple together some paper, and have your child write a title on the front.

Then on each page, make a space for the name of the flower, the date, the height of the flower (bring a tape measure with you outside), and where it was found.  Have your child draw a picture of the flower below the info.


On a yummy food note, I edited my recipe for my Sugar Free Granola Bars by doubling the amounts because you get a more normal amount that way.  AND today I did a little variation on it, only using part of the mixture as a test.  I put peanut butter in it and oh my goodness it’s awesome!  Next time, I’ll do the whole recipe with peanut butter added, and figure out what the measurements should be.  I can post it on here when I have it perfected.

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Hammering Nails

I found the one nail in our toolbox, a small hammer, and a piece of a log.  I then taught my girls how to hammer a nail!  They really enjoyed it.  I need to buy more nails, ones with bigger heads so it’s easier to hit.

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I couldn’t help but snap some pictures of my basket full of finished items ready to be packaged up and sent to their owners!


Hard work, turned into beautiful figures!  How satisfying!

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Here’s a simple science experiment.  Fill a jar of water halfway.  Gently try and float an egg in the water.

The egg sinks.  Now stir 5 to 7 teaspoons of salt into the water until it dissolves.  See what happens if you try and float an egg in it now!

The egg sinks the first time because it is denser, or heavier than the water.  When you add salt to the water it becomes more dense than the egg, so the egg floats!

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