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What cool paintings you can make with a straw and some watery paint!

Put blobs of very wet, runny paint, and blow into it with a straw.  See what cool shapes you can make!


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I got this great idea at Christmastime on a forum I go to.  I put this together for the girls as a Christmas gift and they love it!  It’s all ‘real’ things, not toy ones.

I got everything on Ebay, except the plastic bottle I already had and I think we already had that cloth bandage thing.   Oh and we already had loads of medicine spoons!   They love using the kit on their dolls and teddies, and listening to their own and each other’s heartbeats!

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I showed A how to screw a screw into a piece of wood with a screwdriver.  She had fun!

Next I want to try hammering a nail with a little hammer we have.


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We have this great book called Drawing With Children by Mona Brookes.  I’ve written about another activity we did here.   My 4 year old wanted to draw a bird which she drew when she was 3, to see if she could do it even better a year later!

The book is really good, it tells you how to draw different pictures step by step, and teaches you how to see things and actually how to draw.  We’ve done our own still lifes as well.  Here’s the book and the markers we use:

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The girls had fun playing with rice in a baking tray and some plastic animals!




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We found this in our science experiment book. The magnet at the top holds the butterfly in a hovering position.

What you need:

  • shoebox
  • magnet
  • paperclip
  • tissue paper
  • sciossors
  • glue
  • thread
  • tape
  • sugar paper/construction paper
  1. Make a butterfly shape from the tissue paper, and tape a piece of thread onto it.
  2. Decorate the inside of the shoebox however you want to
  3. Tape the end of the thread to the bottom inside of the the shoebox, so that it’s long enough to let the butterfly be about 1cm from the top indside of the box, but not touching.
  4. Put a magnet on top of the box on the outside, and watch the magnetic force hold the butterfly up, even though it’s not touching!
  5. Watch the butterfly wiggle around!

This picture shows our magnet wand.  We got it on Ebay along with some magentic marbles.

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Just had to share these awesome printables I found, and the girls are currently colouring, word searching, cutting and pasting!

Diamond Jubilee Printables

Here are a few of them, but there are loads more!


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