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I’ve been doing this a few years now, and the girls always like to help.

Here’s what we do:

1.  Grate some pure, unscented soap (we currently have one called Simple) with a cheese grater on the fine holes

2.  Put in container such as ice cream tub (One bar of soap does about half a tub)

3.  Add equal amount of soda crystals

4.  Put lid on and shake it up to mix it.

5.  Use one tablespoon per load of washing.

I used to use Borax as well, but one time I ran out of it and made a batch without it, and the laundry came out exactly the same, so I stopped buying the Borax!

I do the grating and pouring in this pan so it doesn’t get on the floor.  Or at least less gets on the floor!


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We did that good ole rubbing activity today.  Here is E doing a shell

And A doing pennies

We also did keys, rubber stamps…

Those tokens  you get at Waitrose to put in your charity box of choice

And those stainless steel, junk catching things you put on top of your sink or bathtub drain

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We made paper chain dolls, which I’ve always wanted to do but never knew how!

You fold the paper up concertina style and draw a person.  Then cut it out but DON’T cut the hand edge on the side that has the first fold.  That’s where it will stay attached at the hands.  Here’s how:

A started to colour hers in:

So cute!

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I dumped out the spare change jar and gave A some 10p coins to review counting by 10s, then 5p’s to count by 5’s, then 2ps to count by 2’s.

Little E liked lining them up.

Then I thought it would be fun to see if the coins were magnetic, with our super cool new Geomag, which everyone needs to have!  It was so cool!  SOME of them are magnetic and some aren’t!  So I had to google it.  I found this website.   Turns out, in 1992, they started using copper plated steel to make pennies, so since then, they’ve been magnetic!  (Click on ‘History of the Penny at the end for more cool info.) It was fun to sort through and see which stuck to our Geomag and make cool sculptures.

E picking them up with a long stick of Geomag

Seriously, I love magnets!

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A sewed her own little bag out of an old baby onesie/vest.  With a tiny bit of help from me, but mostly herself!  I never would have thought she could at age 4, but I saw on someone else’s bl0g ages ago she had her 4 or 5 year old using a sewing machine!

I had her cut off the sleeves and the bottom, then turn inside out and sew the bottom closed.  Then it’s a bag!  The we cut some squares out of scrajp fabric from dresses I’ve been making her and she pinned them on and sewed them with a zig zag stitch.   Then we got these cute little felt birds in the mail from my mom and she sewed a few of those on too!

She sits in her chair with her booster seat, and we put the foot pedal on her tiny chair from her tiny kid table, and that way she can reach everything!

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