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We all made some super cool wooden lacing beads.  I cut them out and the girls painted them with watercolours in the colours of the rainbow.

And they both had turns lacing them onto some red cotton cord.  Great for fine motor skills, sort of Montessori like.

I’m hopefully going to have similar ones for sale in my Etsy shop.  I don’t think I like how it looks with both maple and oak beads…I like how the maple took the colour better, so I think I’ll make just maple ones to sell in the coloured set.   I think I’ll offer a natural wood unpainted set, and mix the woods in that one.

We love these!  So natural and tactile!

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We drew little dots with white crayon and painted over the whole page with blue watercolours to make a starry sky.

And A did the little dipper!

If you look closely you can see the bottom stars.  Next time we should make sure the dots are crayoned in enough.

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I posted a few weeks ago about sprouting some beans, and they’re growing really well!

The aduki beans haven’t done a thing, but the chickpeas are growing like crazy.

As soon as I can get the key to the shed and get my butt out there (or all 3 of our butts, a big task) to find dirt and plant pots, we can plant them and grow chickpea trees!  Or whatever a chickpea plant is, I have no idea.

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The girls had fun painting my off cuts of wood with watercolours.

I put some yellow watercolour paint on a large-ish white tile for the little one to use.  She painted some off cuts, a couple of which were good enough to add to their block collection.  Then she wanted red, and that got mixed into the yellow eventually and she noticed it turned orange!

I had this really cool piece leftover from a butterfly I cut out (for a new egg/leaf/caterpillar/cocoon/butterfly set I’m making for my shop!).  I had to slice off a side of it to get rid of the roughness, and the slice ended up as a thin, wooden butterfly that I thought A would love to paint.

I love how the colours all ran into each other and made a rainbow butterfly.  It would be neat to make more of these to paint, but I’m not sure, because I have to get my fingers a lot closer to the blade than you’re supposed to!  I might try and figure out a safer way to do it!


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I posted about A using the lucet / knitting fork I made for her, and now she has made something with the cord!

She coiled it up,

And made a little rug for her dollhouse!

I stitched it with a needle and thread to keep it together.  She said it could also be a kitten bed.  How cute!  Oh and I’ve started selling lucets in my Etsy shop!

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I just loooove natural materials.  Some glass beads I ordered arrived for some necklaces I’m making for my Etsy shop, and I let the girls play with them first for a while.  We put them out on a white playsilk, and I got A to use them to count by 2’s

And 5’s

And then we built towers with them

and made some grass and sky for the little chick

I spent about £5 on Ebay from Panache Beads (I’m telling you because it took me forEVER to find the right beads, I wanted round and clear glass) and got green and purple round 8mm, blue cubes in 10mm, about 40 or 50 of each I think.  I need to try and remember these as something for the to play with, and take them out again, instead of just thinking, ‘these are my beads for necklaces’ because they were so nice and tactile to play with.

On another note, we did a cool science experiment from a book about volcanoes.  It shows you how the liquid magma in the earth rises when it gets hotter and then falls as it cools.  Well, I don’t know if I noticed it fell in this experiment but it did rise.

Fill a small bottle with boiling water and lots of food colouring.  Put it carefully into a bowl of cold water, totally submersed under water.  Then watch as the hot coloured water comes rising out of the bottle and disperses through the cold water!  So cool!


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A friend’s little boy goes to a music class for kids, and a couple weeks ago they brought over an activity they do, for us all to do together. I did it again today with A.

A wrote the notes out herself and then we clapped the little beat that she wrote.  My friend called the notes ‘walking,’ ‘jogging,’ and ‘stride,’ but I looked them up online and I think they’re called ‘quarter note,’ ‘eighth note,’ and ‘half note.’  Any musical people are welcome to correct me!

I found this little scene set up on the table when I walked into the room, of some things I made for the girls for Easter.  So cute!

Some of these things are available in my Etsy shop to buy, and some will be available shortly!

And lastly, I had some fabric out for a dress I’m making A, and was pinning the pattern pieces on, and she joined in, doing a very good job!  I didn’t realise she was capable of pinning pattern pieces, and need to let her join in my dress making from now on!




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I saw this idea on this website, for some cute little fingerprint chicks!

Have your child dip her/his thumb in yellow paint and make thumbprints all over the paper.  Then with a crayon or maker, the child can make little legs, an eye, and an orange beak on them.  My 2 year old made some really great ones, and then decided she wanted to dip her thumb in more paint and make the chicks bigger (and less neat looking!).  Then she started making handprints.  So, while I think this is very cute, it doesn’t show how cute the little chicks come out at first!  She had fun though!

Then I gave her some wooden beads (size 10mm I think) and a pipecleaner with the end folded over to get rid of the pointy bit.  She had a great time threading beads on the pipe cleaner, and it was a good fine motor skills activity.

Until she was done and decided to throw a whole ton of the tiny 4mm beads all over the floor.  Well, at least she enjoyed herself, but next time I will only give her a small amount of beads and keep the jar hidden away!

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For this magnetic kitty you need some paper, scissors, pen and a paperclip.  Then you need a magnet and something for the cat to ‘walk’ on, like a piece of cardboard, or stiff paper.

To make it, draw a small cat, cut it out with space left on the bottom, fold that piece back, and attach the paperclip.  Then put it on top of the flat surface you’re using, and move the magnet around underneath.

We used this little wooden box turned upside down.

Paper kitty came to visit soft kitty!  He can also spin and dance!

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One of our favourite things to bake is cheese straws/cheesy men/cheesy bears/cheesy butterflies, depending on which cookie cutter we use.  E helped dump the ingredients in the bowl.

About 10 minutes of putting the ingredients together, and 10 minutes in the oven, and we have a plate of butterflies!

Here’s the recipe:

½ cup flour (I use half white, half wholemeal)

½ cup butter

1 cup grated cheddar cheese

½ egg beaten

Mix all together, roll out 1cm thick.  Cut into strips or shapes.  Bake 10-15 minutes on 400F/200C/Gas 6

On another note, we ‘planted’ some chickpeas and aduki beans in a jar with wet a paper towel, and will hopefully see it sprouting in a few days!

Fold a paper towel and roll it into a tube, put it in a wet jar and press it against the sides.  Drop seeds or beans between the jar and paper towel.  Then scoop some water with a spoon onto the paper towel.  Wet it every day and wait for it to sprout!

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