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We’re doing an experiment I found in a book called 100 Science Experiments by Usborne.

Set up 3 plates with a few layers of paper towels or toilet paper on them.  Place a cookie cutters or playdoh cutter on the toilet paper.  Then sprinkle seeds inside, and while holding down the cutter, spread the seeds to the sides so they fill the shape.  Carefully remove the cutters, then spoon or pour some water on the toilet paper of 2 of the plates.  Write dry on the dry one.  Put one wet one and the dry one on a window sill, and one wet one in a dark cupboard.  We used 2 different kinds of seeds for the wet one, so we have 2 wet and a dry on our windowsill.

Every day, spo0n some water on the plate, but not directly on the seeds.  Ask your kid which one they think will grow the best.  The one with sunlight or in the dark?  The ones with water or dry?  Leave it for a week, and the wet, windowsill ones should grow some nice little sprouts in a cool shape!


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Today we made handmade paper!  We have to wait 3 days for it to dry.  Here’s how we did it.  First you bend a wire hanger into a square and pull one leg of soem tights over it.

Then lay a few layers of newspaper in a tray.  We used a roasting tray.

Put a few layers of kitchen towel/paper towels on top of the newspaper.   We didn’t have any so we used toilet paper.

Tear up paper into little pieces, until you have 4 cups full.  Also add some ripped up pieces of cotton balls/cotton wool to make it stronger.

Put water in the bowl so the paper is covered and leave for one hour.  Add 1 tablespoon of glue, and mix with hands about 10 or 15 minuters till the paper is broken up a lot.

Lay out and spread mixture on the wire screen you made with the hanger and tights.  Make sure there are no spaces with no paper on them.

Let dry for 3 days!

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Shells and Water

The girls played for about an hour with shells, little sea sponges, and jars of water!

They washed them with the sponges, and put them in the jars, and I gave them a ladle and spoon to scoop the water into the jars as well.

I got some of the shells at a charity shop, and recently got some more at the local warehousey store in town.  I’ve seen them at Dunelm Mill too.

I keep the shells hidden away so I can take them out when there’s nothing else to do, and there are so many activities you can do with the.  They usually just sit and play with them, and put them into little baskets.

The flat, open kind are good for little boats, beds, cars, seats, or whatever, for little dolls or animals.

A nice, open-ended and versatile ‘toy’!

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I saw this beautiful idea on the tiny twist creative blog for a drawing book for A.

First we wet the watecolour paper and A painted it in rainbow colors, and it dried overnight.  Today I got about 10 sheets of printer paper cut the edges off so it would fit inside the cover when folded, wrapped a piece of yarn around it and then sewed along the inside. Voila!  A beautiful drawing book for A, with a cover she painted herself!

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Okay, so they don’t really resemble hedgehogs, they sort of flattened out while cooking.  But they were fun to make and eat!

We just made a basic roll recipe in the bread machine, made them into roll shapes and pulled the front out for noses, snipped all around with scissors, and put some raisins in for eyes.  Let rise for 15 minutes and then bake on 200C/400F.  If you want, I can post the recipe.  I just don’t know if anyone really reads this so am not too motivated to get up and get the recipe!  I stick all the ones we don’t eat in the freezer, and then get them out as we need them, and pop them in the microwave.

I made A a wooden knitting fork (also called a lucet) for Christmas.  She got bored of the pink yarn we had, so yesterday she picked out some 100% wool rainbow yarn from the fabric store.  It’s so beautiful!  I’m thinking of ideas to use the cord for, so it doesn’t get too boring just making cord all the time.

The photos are blurry because they’re action shots!

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We love open-ended toys, especially wooden ones!  This is a tiny wooden village we bought for Christmas, on a white playsilk for a snowy ground

Here are some wooden figures I made the girls for Christmas.  (The first photo was taken by A)  They spend sooo much time every day setting up little scenes and playing with them.

And here are some rainbows from the little prism hanging in the window of the living room.  They fill the room every morning, if it’s sunny out!  The girls like to chase them and step on them.  We got it cheap on Ebay.  Get one!  They’re great!

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Today we talked about ordinal numbers. We read the Hungry Caterpillar book, then did some ordering and sequencing with some pictures I had made a couple months ago.  After that, we used the ordinal numbers to label the order each event happened in the book.

Then A practiced writing them, in any order she wanted!  That didn’t matter, because this part was about the writing practice and learning how ordinal numbers are written.    It seemed so easy for her, but tomorrow I’ll see if she remembers them all in order!

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